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Have a personal trainer in your back pocket.

Train alongside Kattie Fleece anytime, anywhere.


HI!  I'm Kattie.  Owner and Operator of Fleece Fitness Online, Fat Loss Specialist and Hype Queen helping women all over the world get in the best shape of their lives.

I'm also a busy mom, wife, cancer survivor and all around girls girl.


As a former gym owner and personal trainer, I've had the pleasure of working with thousands of people, leading them to extraordinary results.  

I work with high achieving women all over the world who have the successful career, busy family lives and are trying to juggle it all... AND ALSO want a killer bod.  I've created a way to have me, as your coach and personal trainer, right in your back pocket!

Gone are the days of you not knowing what to do or where to start. Everything is laid out for you so you know exactly what to do every single day..

If any of that resonates with you, I hope to see you soon!

Our Offerings
Our Offerings


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Online Membership

Workout with Kattie anywhere in the world with our online membership, BADDIE BOD ON DEMAND. With this on demand option, it's like having a personal trainer in your back pocket.  This experience includes 30 minute follow along workouts with Kattie Fleece conveniently programmed inside of your app every day.  Every set, every rep, Kattie will be right alongside of you.  These workouts are designed for individuals to do at home.  All you will need is a set of dumb bells.  On top of that, you will also be able join Kattie and the rest of the community LIVE every week in our pop up zoom workout sessions.  If you are looking for fun & effective workouts that are sure to keep you motivated, look no further!

1-on-1 Coaching

Ready to accelerate your fat loss? Our customized coaching program is for highly motivated women who are ready to achieve life long results.  This program is specifically customized to each individuals needs & goals to ensure the best results possible. This is no quick fix, magic pill, or your mommas magic tea. This is a program that produces REAL, sustainable results as Kattie & team take you through 3 different phases of your journey (Rapid Fat Loss, Metabolic Makeover & Lean Queen for Life).  If you are ready to get results like yesterday, click the apply button below.

For women in the US + Canada only.  


Results Guaranteed


No matter what program you choose, we've got the team and the skills to help you reach your goals! After helping over 6,000 people, we have been dubbed the "transformation experts" for a reason. ​At Fleece Fitness, we believe in natural and healthy solutions and offer the best results in the industry.


We want women to feel empowered, inspired, accomplished and safe.  

We are results driven and keep our clients best interest top of mind, always. Our community is one where women empower women. Period.  So, if you can get down with that, we'd love to have you!



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