Strength & conditioning

a high intensity session that will focus on building lean muscle while also challenging your cardio strength.


This is a 45 minute class on the spin bike.  The bikes are brand new and ride so smooth.  This is very easy on your knee joints.


This entire session will be focused on lifting and sculpting the muscles 

shift & lift

This is a fun combination of both spinning on the bike and lifting.  if you are new to spin, this is a great class to start with to help ease you on to the bike.


upper body blast

Solely focused on sculpting the arms, shoulders, back & chest


Lower Body Blast

Solely focused on sculpting the glutes, hamstrings and Quads


Circuit Craze

During this high intensity session, you will rotate through stations giving you a great mix of lifting and cardio.


High Fitness

This can be compared to "old School Aerobics".  No dance experience required.


Belly & Buns Burnout

This session will focus on sculpting & lifting your glutes (buns) & strengthening your core muscles.


Dirty Thirty

This class is short....but not so sweet :) 

During the 30 minutes, expect to work hard & sweat!  30 minutes long.



Come to relax & stretch out those tight muscles.  You can bring your own mat if you'd prefer, we also have plenty to share. 


This military style workout will involve a lot of circuits and body weight exercises.  sure to make you sweat!

Barre Body

This class is great for sculpting without lifting a lot of weight.  The majority of the session will be performed on the barre.  


This is a fun cardio session that will teach you dance moves to the latest songs.  Be prepared to sweat!  No dance experience required.  

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