September 13, 2014


Perfect pushup on knees (Use Dumb bells if no Perfect push up handles)

2 x failure


Incline dumb bell press

Get a good stretch at bottom

Warm up x 15 then….

5 x good 8/10


Kettle bell swings (this should get your heart rate up!)

5 x 10-15


Hands in pushup (fingertips facing IN towards each other) 

Warm Up on knees to failure

5 x failure on toes


Bench Press 5x10 (increase weight with each set)


Db pullover 5 x 10  


Dumb bell Fly sitting on an incline bench 

8 x 12 (yes, I said 8 sets :)  If no access to a cable machine, use dumb bells


**End with 20 minutes cardio** I chose the Stair Mill. 

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