Sculpted Arms

September 29, 2014

I get asked ALL the time how to get sculpted arms.  Well, (along with a healthy diet) here is a workout I did the other day.  Nothing fancy.  Just very simple moves.  But very effective!




Preacher curls 4x12 (dumb bells, 20-25 lb)


Seated incline dumb bell curls 5x10 (20-25 lbs)


Drop set hammer curls 4x8,10,12 (Start with heavy weight for 8 reps, then immediately drop to a slightly lighter weight for 10 reps, then immediately drop to your lightest weight for 12 reps)  That's one set...perform 4 sets


Cable curls 5x12 


Tricep triset: 

Rope press down, dips (unassisted), skull crushers 5x12 (Perform these with no rest in between exercises)

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