October 4, 2014

Bar curls 6x10


Dumb bell Preacher curls (one arm at a time) 4x10


Seated Incline Dumb bell curls.  I did NEGATIVES here....Super super slow on the way down.  4x10


3 way bicep curl.  One arm at a time. Start with one arm hammer curl, then do one arm cross body curls, then do one arm side curls.  No break.  Then switch arms.  4x10 (should have to use a lighter weight here)  They will be on FIRE!!


Cable curls 3x50 (this should exhaust those biceps!)


Tricep pushdown 4x15


Dips SUPERSET with skull crushers (you can perform these on the cable machine, with dumb bells or with a barbell)  4x12


Tricep kickbacks 5x10 (heavy weight, only take 20 seconds rest in between sets)


Military pushups (elbows stay in close by your sides)  3xfailure


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