Butt & Biceps....weird combo, right?

October 9, 2014

-LOW squat with bar- 6 X 10- make sure you squat your ass to the grass!

-Good Mornings SUPERSET with Box Jumps- 3 X 10

-Side Lunges SUPERSET with Straight Leg Deadlifts 6 X 10

-LOW squat (this time sit on bench or step) 3 X 10- same as the first exercise


-Bar curls (40 lbs) 3x25

-Chin ups (only half way down to target the biceps) SUPERSET with Cable curls 5 x10

-Bar curls on cables (only half way down)  SUPERSET with Alternating Hammer curls 5 X 10

-Preacher Curl 10 reps SUPERSET with kettle swings 25 reps!!!! 5x



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