Legs AND Shoulders

October 14, 2014

Did this workout yesterday because I was ready for both body parts.  Even though it looks like a lot, it only took about an hour.  That's the beauty of circuit training.  You can do a LOT on a short time frame.  Have fun with it!


Leg circuit: 5x thru/10 reps

Closed squat

Wide squat

Reverse lunges with bar

Bridges on Step/bench

Hamstring curls


Stiff leg dead lifts 4x10

Leg press, pause for 3 seconds at bottom. 4x10 heavy SUPERSET with calf raises 

Squat Jumps 4x15


Now moving on to shoulders....

Arnold's 4x10

Behind the head press 4x10


Shoulder circuit: 3x thru/12 reps

Lateral raises

Front raises 

Runners delts

Upright row

Reverse pec dec (25 reps) 


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