Back & Biceps

October 20, 2014

All of these exercises are for STRENGTH and builing.  You will notice they aren't as cardio driven.  So feel free to add cardio in at the end OR take less rest in between sets :)  


-Back & Biceps:


Barbell Bent over rows 

2 warm up sets

5x4-6 reps (heavy weight)


Lat Pulldown (wide grip) 5x6-8 reps


One arm dumb bell rows 4x8-10


Cable Straight Arm Pushdown 3x12-15 


Lat Pulldown (close grip) 3x10-12


Cable machine reverse flies 3x12-15


Straight Bar curls 5x8-10


Incline Dumb bell curls 4x8-10


Hammer Curls 3x10-12


One arm concentration curls 3x10

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