Chest & Triceps for Mass

October 20, 2014

-Chest & Triceps: This is geared towards mass!  So, If that's something you want to avoid, do less weight and more reps. 


Flat barbell bench 

2 warm up sets 12-15 reps

5x4-6 reps (heavy weight)


Incline Dumb bell press 4x6-8


Flat Bench Cable Flies 4x12-15


Cable Flies (handles down low) 4x12-15


Dips 3x Failure (wide grip)


Close grip bench 4x8-10 (this will target your triceps)


Skull crushers (EZ curl bar) 3x8-10


Cable Tricep Pressdown 3x12-15


One arm tricep press down (underhand) 3x Failure




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