Mainly delts :) but some other stuff too!! Haha!

December 3, 2014



Standing bar curl

Grab close and elbows in tight 

5 x 8


Leaning side DB lateral 0:28 Play next Play now                     

4 x 10 each side 


Front plate raise holding up and turning left and right. Over exaggerate the the turns. 

5 x 30 seconds. Stay up don't let down. Move quick                    


Rear delt fly machine

4 x10


Tricep boomerang pushdown.               

Warm up with 20 reps

3 x 12 SUPERSET  with hands in push-ups 3x12



Skull crushers                

Watch that head!! Elbows in tight 

Warm up with 15 reps (lighter weight here)

5 x 8/10


Standing short bar cable upright row SUPERSET with standing cable curls 5x10


Standing Lateral raises 5x10

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