Chest & Back

December 4, 2014

Bench Press 4x12 (lift as heavy as you can here for 12 reps...get a spotter if possible, and be smart :)


Smith Machine Incline Press 4x10 (I actually added bands to each side of the bar, coming down from the top for added resistance.  This method actually helps you increase your bench press weight.)


Decline Dumb bell press 4x12 (again, CONTROL!!  Don't let them flop all over the place)


Pec Dec 4x8 (heavy weight here)


Seated Row 4x12 (hold your squeeze back for about 2 seconds before releasing)


Reverse grip lat pulldown 4x12 (hold your squeeze at the bottom for 2 seconds before releasing)


Reeve's deadlifts 4x10 (Load plates on each end of a short bar.  Then, you will actually hold onto the PLATES as you deadlift and not the bar.  Really squeeze & contract your traps at the top.)


Kyack rows on the cable machine 4x6

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