Arms & Cardio

December 16, 2014

Bar curls, lb per rep (45 lbs, 45 reps) 

Cable rope push down, lbs per rep (2 sets) -I did 35 lbs/35 reps each set

Hammer curls, lb per rep (3 sets) -I did 20 lbs/20 reps each set

Skull crushers with dumb bells, lb per rep (3 sets) -I did 15 lbs/15 reps each set

3 way Bicep curl (10x10x10) 3 sets- start out with a hammer curl on one arm, then do the other arm.  Then do a crossbody curl (on each arm), then move right into a reverse grip curl with palms facing down.

Close grip bench press, lb per rep (2 sets) -I just did the bar 45 lbs/45 reps each set 



30-45 minutes of cardio if time allows :)

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