Arms & Rear Delts

December 26, 2014

Incline bench delt fly.  (The rear delt must be talked to. It is the weakest of the delts. Really focus, no slinging. Squeeeze hard up top) 1 x 15 with one sec holds  


Standing bar curl  1 x 20, 5 x 8/10 SUPERSET these with more incline bench fly, for 10/12 reps


Over the head rope extension. Lean fwd and keep elbows in tight. Get a good back position stretch. Come fwd and flex hard. Flare rope apart, as you get fatigued don't flare so u can keep going. Warm up x 20 and then 3 x 12  & then 1 x 50. (Rear delt should kick in here. If u need a few second break that is fine)


 Preacher curl one arm at a time with a DB.  Armpit is resting on pad.  Warm up x 15 each side.  Then...4 x tough 10. Squeeeeze the crap out of bicep up top. On the last rep of each set, hold and squeeeeze for 10 seconds. 


Reverse curl in preacher bench. Use  > EZ curl bar if you have access to one

5 x 10.  


Boomerang triceps pushdown (Going heavier here)  6x6


Underhand tricep pushdown (use straight bar) Come down and hold and flex for 3 seconds each rep.  4 x 10 each side. 


Band standing curl.  (Stand on band)  4 x 20 super super fast. 














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