December 26, 2014

Here is workout I did today that is SURE to leave your shoulders on fire!  Don't take a lot of rests between sets, 30-45 seconds at most.  This will also allow your heart rate to get up and act as cardio :)


Warm up with arm circles (use very light weight), 1 set


Seated Alternating Dumb bell Press 4x12 (go fairly heavy here, without sacrificing form)


Seated Face Pulls on Cable machine 6x10


One arm upright row (use dumb bell) SUPERSET with one arm DB shrug 4x10


Runners Delts SUPERSET with Back flies 4x10 (for the back flies, set bench to an incline, lay on your stomach, and then perform the back flies with DBs.  This will take away the momentum.)


Smith Machine Press.  4x10  


Lateral Raises DROPSETS.  Start with HEAVY dumb bells and perform 6 reps, then immediately drop to a slightly less weight and perform 8 reps, then immediately drop to your lightest weight and perform 10 reps.  THEN REST.  (perform 3 sets)





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