January 3, 2015

This is a 30 day shred program with a 4 day split where cardio will be part of your strength workouts.  This is for the person who likes a plan that they can stick to each week.  You will repeat these workouts each week.  However, I do not recommend doing these same workouts for more than 30 days as your body will more than likely get used to them and hit a plateau.  Remember, variety is a great thing!  But, again, this is great for someone who is looking for a specific "plan" to stick with.  Also, remember your diet plays a huge role in your results as well!  For added guidance, you can purchase a diet plan straight from my website. 


**No more than 30 seconds rest in between sets**


Day 1:  LEGS

Lets warm up her with 30 body weight squats (move fast here)

Goblet Squats (hold heavy weight under chin) SUPERSET with Jumping Lunges 4x10 

Walking Lunges with dumb bells 4x15 (on each leg)

Box Jumps SUPERSET with body weight squats 4x15

Barbell Squats 10x3 (lift heavy here, 20 seconds in between sets.  Perform 10 sets of 3 reps)

Leg Lifts (get on all 4's, put dumb bell behind knee, and lift leg up) SUPERSET with High knees 4x15

~Now perform 15 minutes of HIIT cardio


Day 2:  Chest & Triceps

Warm up set of push ups (try to get to 25 reps)

Bench press 4x15 

Close grip bench press (elbows come down by your sides) 4x15


CIRCUIT: No break in between exercises.  Only break after each circuit is performed.

*Repeat 4x thru/15 reps each*
-Incline Dumb bell press

-Incline Dumb bell fly

-Tricep pushdown (on cables or band)

-Tricep dumb bell kickbacks

-Straight arm plank (hold for 1 minute)

~Now perform 30 minutes of steady state cardio


Day 3:  Back & Biceps (take as little rest as possible to get to 100)

Bicep curls with dumb bells 100 reps

Bent over rows 100 reps

Bar curls 100 reps

Lat pulldowns 100 reps

Hammer curls 100 reps

Back Flies 100 reps

~Now perform 20 minutes of HIIT cardio


Day 4:  Shoulders & Abs

Seated barbell (or smith machine) press 4x12

Upright row on cable machine preferably 4x12 SUPERSET with Front raises with a twist 4x10 (twist to both sides with each rep)

Lateral Raises- Dropsets.  Start with heavy weight for 8 reps, medium weight for 10 reps, then light weight for 12 reps (no rest in between sets)

Shoulder push ups 4xFAILURE


Abdominal Circuit:  Repeat 4x thru/ 15 reps each

Full sit ups with 25 lb plate

Leg drops

Bicycle crunches

Russian Twist

~Now do 20 minutes of HIIT cardio




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