At home total body workout...NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY`

January 10, 2015

CIRCUIT ONE:  Repeat 5x thru/25 reps each unless noted otherwise

Jumping Jacks (get that heart rate up!)

Body weight squats

Walking Lunges

Wall sit (1 minute hold)

Bridges on bench or step (lay flat on your back, knees bent, feet on bench, then lift & Lower your hips...squeezing your booty at the top)


CIRCUIT TWO:  Repeat 5x thru/15 reps each unless noted otherwise

Mountain Climbers (get in a straight arm plank position, then "run" your knees in toward your chest.  Alternating knees)

Push ups

Chair dips (this targets more thru your triceps)

Full Sit ups

Hands out push ups (fingers pointed out)

Plank on elbows (1 minute hold)



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