February 16, 2015


Tricep pushdown with boomerang bar

good squeeze at bottom

4 x 12


Dumb bell pullover 4x12


Now go back to tricep pushdown for 15 reps

superset that same weight with standing cable curls

Do for 5 cycles


Pull-ups (keep strict form, no slinging, use assistance if needed)


5 x failure super set these with sitting on end of 

bench knee raises to failure


Underhand low cable pull

6 x 12-15 squeeze hard when you come back

Pull to right under chest


Seated cable pull

5 x tough 8-10


Dumb bell row (heavy)

5 x 8 each side 


Chair dips 

5x failure


Ab crunch with rope on knees

Put end of rope on forehead

Breathe and squeeze

8 x 21 for 5 cyles

Rep one is left, rep two is the middle, rep 3 is the right side

Get to 21 reps like that

Keep alternating like that during the set

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