Shoulders & Traps...don't let this scare you :)

February 20, 2015

Smith machine seated shoulder press  (Hips are slightly in front of you. U are leaning back slightly. Hands are wide apart.)  

Warm up x 20, then 1 x 15, then 1 x 10, then 4 x 6. (Heavy here, but safe.)  


Now do them behind the head. (Hands wide.  Lean fwd and hips behind you.)  

WU x 15,  5 x 8/10 


Seated DB shrug Sit on end of bench, lean fwd slightly and shrug up.  

WU x 15,  4 x 10 nice and slow. 


Lateral raise.  Two arms  3 x 10

Single arm 3 x 10 each side. 


Two arm holds (Come up and hold a weight for 20 seconds parallel to ground)

5 sets. 


Grab curl bar or plate and do front raises. (Come up to nose. Once warm this is a faster movement). 

5 x 10 quick.


High pull upright row   

WU x 15,  3 x 10,  3 x 10 with 3 sec hold 


OZZIES.  (Stand with big bar behind back.  Raise over glutes and touch lower back. No dragging. Up and over and touch. Down in same fashion. Hands are apart right outside hips.)  

5 x 10 with big bar 


Underhand big bar shrug.  5 x 25


Seated Dumb Bell shoulder press  5 x 8/10. 


Rear delt fly (back fly)  5 x 12 


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