LEGS!! :)

February 22, 2015

Lets start with this warm up ----> Air squat hands straight out.

Feet closer and straight

1 x 20

2 x 30


Smith machine squat (if you don't have access to smith machine, use barbell.  If you don't have access to barbell, use dumb bells)

Feet shoulder width and straight 

4x10 and then...1 x 20


Smith Machine squat feet wide and toes out

Warm Up x 15

3 x tough has hell 8


Dumb bell stiff leg deadlifts (Keep low back arched in)

Warm Up x 15/ 5 x tough 10



Dumb bell lunge forward

Hold two dbs and lunge to same leg each set

Warm Up x 15 each leg (no weight)

4 x tough 10 each leg (add dumb bell weight)


DB lunge backward

Same as forward version

5 x 10 each leg


Sumo Dumb bell squat

(Hold db down low between legs, Chest high ,Stand on platform)

1 x 20/ 3 x tough 8/ 1 x 30 super fast


Wall squat

(Get right where there is the most tension on back of legs, Might not be exactly parallel ,Feet wide and toes out.  Hold one db up high under chin or plate at chest)

5 x at least 30 seconds

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