Arms ---> welcome to the gun show

April 4, 2015

Grab a bar...

now you are going to place your hands 3 different ways.

Start with CLOSE GRIP and curl for 10 reps

Then take them a little wider for nuetral grip and curl for 10 reps

No take the hands ALL the way out wide, but keep your elbows in close to your body and curl for 10

--->Repeat all of that 3 times through


Seated incline Dumb Bell curls (focus on going SUPER SLOW on the way down) 3x20


Standing Hammer Curls 3x15


Cable Curls (2 handles) SUPERSET with cable curls using the rope 3x10/20


Band curls SUPERSET with Skull crushers 3x15


Chair dips 3x10-20


Dumb bell kicks SUPERSET with military push ups 3x15


Rope Pressdown 6 sets of 10 (only 15 seconds rest in between each set)


--->now go do some cardio!!  I did 20 minutes alternating 1 minute run & 1 minute walk <---

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