Shoulder Workout. All you need is Dumb bells!

April 9, 2015

Grab a couple sets of dumb bells and you will be on your way!  Here we go....


Lets start with a warm up set first of lighter weight-

Lateral raises SUPERSET with front raises 1x15

Now, grab a heavier set of dumb bells and do that again for 4 more sets


Seated ALTERNATING shoulder press 4x10


Seated Bent over back flies 4x10


Circuit:  Repeat 5x thru, 15 reps each

-Arnold press

-Push ups

-Side lying lateral raise

-Push ups


**Side Lying Lateral Raise**  Lay on your side on a bench.  Put a dumb bell in the hand of your top arm.  Stretch the dumb bell down in front of you and raise up.  

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