Shoulder Workout - gym

April 11, 2015

Lateral raises 4x15 (break parallel here)

Standing Big bar press 4x15

Upright Row SUPERSET with Cable back flies 4x15

Front raises with a twist (use a plate.  Raise up in front, twist to one side, lower back down.  Raise up in front and twist to the other side.  Repeat) 4x10

Behind the head, wide grip shoulder press on Smith Machine 4x12

Bosu Ball push ups (add a clap to make it more advanced) SUPERSET with Behind the back lateral raises 4x10

--->Bosu ball push ups---> take 2 bosu balls side by side, do a push up then explode up

--->Behind back lateral raises---> using LIGHT WEIGHT, place your hands behind your back, palms facing out, then raise up keeping your thumbs pointed down.


If you have a Rowing Machine, this would be GREAT to do for cardio afterwards--->15-20 minutes

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