Egg White Dessert

May 7, 2015

Ok ya'll, bear with me here.  This may sound disgusting...BUT, trust me on this one.  I have been CRAVING this all the time (no, I'm not pregnant!).  In fact, today, I had this for breakfast, lunch and dinner (no joke!).  Ok, so here is goes...


-Pour 8 oz of Liquid Egg Whites into a pan and fold in half into an omelet (grease the pan first. I use the coconut oil cooking spray)


-Sprinkle Cinnamon and Brown Sugar on top of the omelet (I use the Brown Sugar Splenda blend)


-Thinly slice strawberries and place on top of omelet so that they cover the entire omelet and you can enjoy one with each bite :)  Should only take 2-3 strawberries. 


-Then...devour it!


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