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May 18, 2015

Follow this program for the next 4-6 weeks.  When it starts getting easy, time to INCREASE your weight!  You will notice fewer sets and smaller reps.  That's because we are BUILDING.  So lift heavy, but play safe!


Day 1:  Legs  Go HEAVY here!


Squats 3x10  (Use HEAVY Dumb bells, hold down by sides)


Goblet Squats (hold a HEAVY dumb bell under chin) 3x10  


Walking Lunges 3x20 (hold heavy dumb bells down by your sides) 


One leg, stiff leg dead lift (hold one DB, balance on one foot, and stretch down towards floor.  You should feel this in your hamstrings and butt) 3x10


Calf raises on step (ONE FOOT at a time, hold heavy DBs) 6x15  (25-30 lbs)


Calf raises on step (BOTH feet now, hold heavy DBs)  6x15  (25-30 lbs)




Day 2:  Shoulders (go heavy on these WITH good form)


Lateral raises (start with a light set for a warm up) 4x10  


Military DB Press 4x10


Front Raises with a twist at the top (use a 25 lb. weighted plate for this) 4x10


Seated Arnold Press 4x10 


Seated Back Flies 4x10  


Dumb bell (HEAVY) Shrugs 4x10 



Day 3:  Arms 


DB Curls 3x10


Hammer Curls 3x10


WIDE GRIP Curls (palms facing out) 3x10


Negative Curls  Neutral grip, Curl up just like normal and drop SUPER SLOW on the way down. 4x10


Skull Crushers 4x10 


Chair Dips SUPERSET with Dumb bell Kickbacks 4x10 


Military Push ups 3x25




Day 4:  Glutes


REVERSE lunges 4x10 on each leg 


Hip Thrusts with DBs across the hip bones.  Really SQUEEZE butt at the top.  SUPERSET with Squat Jumps 4x8 (HEAVY!!)


Squats (DBs on Shoulders) 4x10


Step Ups 4x10 (DBs down by sides)


STIFF LEG Dead Lift 4x10


Plie Squats (hold heavy DB between your legs.  Toes turned out at 10 & 2) 4x10



Day 5:  Chest & Back (again, GO HEAVY HERE! But be safe)


Push Ups with feet elevated until failure- 1 set


DB Bench Press 3x10


Dumb Bell Flies 3x8 


Incline Dumb Bell Bench press 3x8 


Push Ups with feet elevated until Failure- 1 set


One Arm Row  3x8


Back Flies 3x8


Bent Over Row 3x25


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