6 week Shred Program (gym version)

May 19, 2015

Ok ya'll.  Just like the muscle builders program, I want you to do this for the next 6 weeks IF you're looking to lean out a little.  This is NOT for building muscle.  You will notice higher repetitions with less weight.  Follow these workouts for 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT do all of these workouts in one day.  :)  If you do, then, well, don't blame me :)


Side Note:  Just because it doesn't say to do cardio, don't be fooled.  These are CIRCUITS--->Your heartrate will get up there and this will act as your cardio as long as you keep moving during the circuits. 


Workout 1:  Chest, Back & Abs


Chest Circuit- Repeat 4x thru/15 reps each

-DB Bench Press

-DB Chest Flies

-HEX Press

-Push Ups


Back Circuit- Repeat 4x thru/15 reps each

-Seated Row

-Back Flies

-Lat Pull down

-Bent Over Row


Ab Circuit-  Repeat 3x thru/15 reps each

-Leg Lifts

-Russian Twists

-Plank (30 seconds)

-Mountain Climbers


Workout 2:  Lower Body


Barbell Squats 3x20

Split Squats 3x10 (each leg) SUPERSET with squat jumps 25 reps

Walking Lunges with DBs SUPERSET with Jumping Jacks 3x20

Step Ups with DBs SUPERSET with Jumping Lunges 3x20

Stiff Leg Deadlifts SUPERSET with Tuck Jumps 3x10

Leg Extensions SUPERSET with Hamstring Curls 4x20


Workout 3:  Shoulder & Abs


Lateral Raises SUPERSET with Front Raises 4x15

Seated Shoulder Press on Smith Machine SUPERSET with Mountain Climbers 4x12

Upright Row SUPERSET with Full Sit Ups 4x12

Back Flies SUPERSET with Renegade Rows 4x12

Hands out Push ups SUPERSET with Plank Twists 4x12

Face Pulls SUPERSET with Bicycle Crunches 3x25


Workout 4:  ARMS & ABS


Bicep Circuit- Repeat 4x thru/15 reps each

-Barbell curls

-Hammer curls

-Seated DB curls

-Cable Curls


Tricep Circuit- Repeat 4x thru/15 reps each

-Rope Pressdown on cable

-Military Push ups

-Skull Crushers

-Chair Dips


Ab Circuit- Repeat 4x thru/15 reps each

-Scissor Kicks

-Plank on Elbows (1 minute)

-Mountain Climbers


Workout 5: CARDIO ONLY

Perform 45-60 minutes of steady state cardio only on this day






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