Arms-with a little bit of cardio :)

August 9, 2015

Alternating Dumb Bell Curls (nuetral grip) SUPERSET with Kettlebell swings 4x10


Tri Set:  4x10

Incline Dumb Bell Curls

Cable Rope hammer curls

Kettle bell swings


Smith Machine Close body curls (keep bar up against body, pull elbows back) SUPERSET with Kettle bell swings 4x10


Tri Set: 4x10

Close grip bench press

Narrow Grip push ups (military)

Kettle bell swings


Tri Set: 4x10

Cable Straight bar pushdowns

Chair Dips

Kettle bell swings


Tri Set: 4x10

Reverse grip pushdowns on Cables


Kettle Bell swings

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