Fitness Challenge Weeks 3&4

September 6, 2015



Warm up on treadmill or outside (brisk walk, 5 minutes)


Squats 4x10  (with barbell across back or DBs down by sides)


Goblet Squat  6x10 (one heavy weight under chin)


One Leg Squat 3x10 each leg (balance on one leg, sit all the way down on chair, stand back up)


Split Squats (one foot on bench/step) 3x10 each leg


Hamstring Curls on Stability Ball SUPERSET with Bridges on Stability Ball 4x10


End with 10 minutes of Sprints (outside or on treadmill) 30 sec on, 30 seconds rest for a total of 10 minutes


Day 2: Arms & Abs


Warm up band curls 2x50


Barbell curls SUPERSET with Tricep rope pressdown 3x10 (use a resistance band if you do not have access to cable machine)


Incline Dumb Bell curls SUPERSET with Tricep Kickbacks 3x10


Hammer Curls curls 2x50 (light weight)


TRI SET: 15 reps/4x thru

-Chair Dips

-Concentration Curl (one arm at a time)

-Seated Barbell curls (rest bar on top of your lap, curl up from there)


TRI SET Abs:  15 reps/4x thru

-Twisting Planks

-Jack Knife on stability ball

-Crunches on stability ball


Day 3: Shoulders


Single Arm Upright Rows- Ascending sets (2,4,6,8,10) 2 sets


Seated Victory Press 4x10 (Arms go up and out to a "V")


Alternating Dumb bell Front Raises 4x8


Decline Push Ups SUPERSET with Back Flies 4x10


Lateral Raises- Ascending sets (2,4,6,8,10) 2 sets


END WITH 10 minutes Sprints (30 sec on/30 sec off)


Day 4:  Total Body


Circuit #1 - repeat 4x thru/10 reps each


-Single leg deadlift (stiff leg)

-Squat & Press (dumb bells or bar)

-Jumping Lunges

-Skull Crushers

-Push Ups


Circuit #2- repeat 4x thru/10 reps each

-Bicep Curls

-Bent over row

-Bicycle crunches 

-Squats (with barbell or dumb bells down by your side)


END 10 minutes of Sprints (30 sec on/30 sec off)


Day 5:  Chest & Back


Bench Press SUPERSET with Cable Flies 4x10


Dumb Bell HEX PRESS SUPERSET with push ups 4x10


Seated Chest Press SUPERSET with low cable flies 4x10 


Lat Pulldown SUPERSET with Back flies 4x10


Seated Row 4x10


Bent over row 4x10




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