Lower Body (without doing a single squat or lunge!)

September 17, 2015

Recently I've had some back issues (not muscle related, nothing serious).  But, that means I haven't been able to perform squat or lunges for a few weeks because they irritate my lower back.  So, I'm here to show you that there is still PLENTY of "stuff" you can do for lower body while avoiding squats and lunges.  ENJOY!


Stiffleg Deadlift 4x10 ---> (this exercise CAN hurt your back if you are not careful and have proper form.  If you are performing this the right way, you should feel the burn in your glutes and your hamstrings)


Leg Press (3 ways:  Wide stance.  Toes Out, Plie.  And feet together) 10 reps on each stance x 4 sets


Cable Kickbacks SUPERSET with Cable Pull Thrus 3x10 (again, you should feel this in your glutes and hamstrings)


Hamstring Curls 4x8, 1x20


Leg Extensions 4x8, 1x20


Hip Thrusters (I like using the smith machine for this one)  4x15


Reverse Hyperextensions on Stability Ball 3x20





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