Fall Fitness Challenge Weeks 7 & 8

October 5, 2015

Workout #1: LEGS

Walking Lunges- Warm up set of 20 on each leg without weights.  Then 2x12 holding 15 lb dumb bells, then 2x8 holding a heavier set of DBs, then 1x15 holding the heaviest set of DBs


Hamstring ball curls- 1x20, 2x15, 2x10 


Stiff Leg Deadlift (with dumb bells)- 5x8-12 (increase weight each time)


Three way lunge (hold heavy dumb bells on top of shoulders)- 3x10  


Goblet squat 5x10 (each leg) 


**End with 20 minutes of cardio**


Workout #2:  Back & Biceps

Circuit 1- (repeat 4x thru, 15 reps each)

    -Bent over row 

    -back fly Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly

    -Wide grip upright row (dumb bells) 


    -Straight Arm Pulldown (band or cables)  


Circuit 2- (repeat 3x thru, 12 reps each)

    -Dumb bell curls

    -Concentration curl  

    -Standing hammer curl (palms are facing IN towards your body) 


Workout #3:  PUSH UP WORKOUT  **if you do not have "perfect push ups, use dumb bells**


Perfect pushup on knees handles north to south 4 x FAILURE


Hands out pushup (on your knees, Fingers are facing out to the side) 4 x FAILURE


Hands in pushup for triceps (Fingers must face each other) 



Perfect pushup with one handle north to south

and the other going east to west (Alternate this grip each set)

3 (sets each way) x 10


Leg raises on floor, hands can be under glutes

10 sets x Failure


**End with Kettle Bell (or Dumb bell) swings- Squat & Swing kettlebell for 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for a total of 16 minutes**


Workout #4: Total Body/Cardio


50 squat jumps SUPERSET with 10 Dumb Bell Chest Press 3 sets


Single leg bench squat (each leg) 3x10  


Thrusters with Dumb Bells 4x15  


Band Curls SUPERSET with Chair Dips 4x15


Glute Bridges on step 4x20  


100 Kettle Bell (or dumb bell) swings


100 jumping jacks



Workout #5:  Shoulders & Arms


50 chair dips  


Seated Dumb bell curls 4 x 10


Skull crushers 


Hammer curls 

1x6 (heaviest weight), 2x8, 2x15 (lightest weight)


Tricep dumb bell kickbacks 4x12 


IN & OUT bicep curls 4x8 


Seated Dumb Bell Shoulder Press 6x10


Alternating Lateral Raises SUPERSET with Alternating Front Raises 4x10 (each side)


**End with 15 minutes of Intervals** (30 jog/run, 30 seconds walk)







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