November 3, 2015

Walking Lunges- Warm up set of 20 on each leg without weights.  Then 2x12 holding 15 lb dumb bells, then 2x8 holding a heavier set of DBs, then 1x15 holding the heaviest set of DBs


Hamstring ball curls- 1x20, 2x15, 2x10  (lay flat on your back, feet propped up on a stability ball, lift your hips in the air, and then pull your knees in towards your chest.  You should feel this in your hamstrings!)


Squat (with bar)- 5x8-12 (increase weight each time)


Three way lunge with bar- 3x10 (forward, side, then back)


Single Leg Goblet squat 5x10 (each leg)  

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