Holiday Legs

December 23, 2015

This leg workout is SURE to help you burn off those extra holiday calories!  Here it goes:



1) Single Leg Press  VIDEO

2) Wide Leg Press

3) Good Mornings VIDEO

**4 rounds, 10 reps each**


Seated Hamstring Curl Machine 

Drop Sets---> Do heaviest weight for 8 reps, drop weight and do 10 more reps, drop weight and do 15 more reps. ---> 3 rounds



1) Step Ups

2) Stiff Leg Deadlift

3) Squat Jumps

**4 rounds, 10 reps each**


Split Squats on Smith Machine 4x10 VIDEO


Abbductor/Adductor Machine  4x20 on BOTH exercises


Reverse Hyperextions  3x20  VIDEO

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